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Wheat is the main food source for people in many countries. And although at first glance it seems that rice prevails somewhere, and corn in some regions, in fact, it is wheat that is the world leader in the export of grain crops. Wheat is wholesaled by the Vinox. And now let’s name the leaders in the sale of wheat seeds – these are China, USA, India. So much for rice maize! But we must say that Ukraine is also in the top seven, however, it occupies exactly the 7th position, yielding to Russia, France and Canada. By the way, the export leadership belongs to the United States. Nevertheless, for Ukraine this is a very high rating, especially considering all the numerous problems that the national agricultural sector had to endure. At present, all the facts indicate not only the stabilization of the situation, but also the undoubted progress of the agricultural sector of the country’s economy. Today in Ukraine you can buy wholesale barley, wheat, and other grain crops.

Companies and firms in Ukraine, engaged in the production and sale of grain, have been effectively operating in the wheat wholesale and purchase market for many years. They offer to buy wheat in bulk. At the same time, a system of bonification and refaction is applied, which allows setting an adequate price for wheat, taking into account its moisture content and the level of weediness. After all, it is no secret that the grain is of different quality, so the use of these systems is extremely necessary.

Today wheat is represented in the world by thousands of varieties. Their different characteristics make it possible to cultivate this grain crop in a wide variety of climatic zones. In addition to common varieties, there are local varieties adapted to certain conditions.

Therefore, you can always buy the wheat varieties you need, narrowing your search to varieties zoned in given climatic conditions. Wheat-growing businesses in your region of interest are entering the grain markets. Therefore, you will see specific offers for the sale of agricultural products in Ukraine, indicating the variety, class, purpose of wheat and, of course, the price.
Sometimes the latest information is offered to be clarified through the sales department. This means that you can discuss all the terms of the transaction and agree on the most favorable price for you. Since the final price depends on the batch size, delivery and transportation conditions.

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