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Food and beverages

Easy and uninterrupted supply of food products for HoReCa and more

Vinox is a reliable supplier of food products for business. We work with catering establishments and cooperate with a large number of both suppliers and restaurants, with large and small enterprises from the HoReCa segment. Food is the most important component of building a business in this industry, so we offer a reliable and mutually beneficial partnership to everyone who wants to achieve success in today’s environment.

Range of products for HoReCa

Food suppliers to restaurants are necessary for business from the first day of the establishment, because a reliable partner is stability of supplies, loyal prices and quality guarantees. Regardless of the specifics of your establishment, our experts will help you choose the optimal set of food products, adapt the order to the specifics of your business.

Distributors of food products in China are always able to provide a full range of all the necessary ingredients when working in a particular sector. We are pleased to offer the most complete assortment so that cooperation with our company will save you time and money. Years of experience in the HoReCa market helps us create a unique offer that will be relevant for all types of business:

  • restaurants;
  • bars;
  • canteens and eateries;
  • hotels and other establishments.

The variety of commodity items will allow you not only to get everything you need to operate a cafe or restaurant, but also, possibly, to expand the menu with new dishes. We will provide you with meat, dairy, grocery products, vegetables and spices, drinks and snacks – everything you need to delight the visitors of your establishment. Food suppliers in China offer an impressive range of products for restaurants, you can buy everything you need in the shortest possible time from us.

We deliver guaranteed high-quality and fresh products

Some suppliers of food products for restaurants, including Vinox, are aimed at a wide audience of restaurateurs, therefore we are glad to work for the benefit of our clients’ business. We have provided all the conditions for the safe storage of food, so that you can create your culinary masterpieces from quality and delicious ingredients.

We cooperate with leading food manufacturers, therefore we maintain a high level of quality for each product presented.

Please, contact our manager to select your supplies!